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This review applies to version 1.0. The latest version of this software will soon be reviewed by our informers.

Trade Racer is a power packed Trading platform which provides you with Live streaming quotes & Research Calls, integrated fund transfer system along with multiple watch list facility. You can also do technical analysis with the help advance charting tools.
With Trade Racer, you get the following benefits :
-Live Streaming Quotes - Get live tick by tick markets quotes at your desktop.
-Advance Charting Tools - Market is all about spotting opportunities. Use Technical tools to spot the right one.
-Multiple Watch lists facility - Make a list of our favorite Stocks and track their movements. You can create as many and multiple watch lists.
-Live Research recommendations - To make money, you need the right research and you need it on time! With Trade Racer you get live research calls from us, right on your desktop.
- Single Order entry page for Equities and Derivatives.
- Technical Analysis to help you track your portfolio.
- Integrated Fund Transfer System which allows you to transfer your funds seamlessly.
- Customized Interface which allows to set your parameters for tracking your stocks.
- View Limit and order and trade details on the same screen.
- Intra-day and EOD Charts to analyze & study various patterns & trends.
- Shortcut keys for faster access to markets.

Latest comments

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    Guest Last year

    My complaint is that the TradeRacer software is not working, is it deleted?

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    Guest Last year

    That is true. I agree with him.

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    Anil Bhatnagar Last year

    The previous version of TradeRacer was more efficient and and user customizable and I did not notice any flows in my using it for 1 year or more. I am sorry to say that the present version has a large number of flows specially in its charting tools which do not load during afternoon trading hours. There is no LIVE EOD chart. It is one day old and the Intraday chart only shows ticking price/volume and not the MINUTE AND HOURLY DATA as the previous version used to do. Is this DEGRADATION of software intentional or due to IGNORANCE. I would like to be enlightened if I am wrong.
    ICICIDIR customer at present (for how long is....?)